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The Top 5 Benefits of Being a Notary for Remote Online Notarization

Working from home had once been a pipe dream for most industries. But the COVID-19 pandemic showed many of us that performing employment duties from home wasn’t just possible but beneficial to everyone involved.

In many industries, employers and workers save more money and enjoy a boost in productivity.  Employees are generally happier with their jobs. Additionally, working remotely provides many other benefits, including protecting one’s health and wellness.

If you’re a notary, remote online notarization may have seemed impossible before the pandemic. But whether or not you worked remotely during COVID-19, you can still experience the benefits of being a notary online. 

The Florida Notary Association makes this transition easy, allowing notaries across the state to reap the benefits of working from home and the opportunity to increase their revenue. 

What Is Remote Notarization? 

Remote notarization is the process of meeting with a state-licensed notary online to have documents notarized. This process makes it easy and convenient for clients to have their documents notarized and benefits public notaries in many ways (see below).  

Is Remote Online Notarization the Same as Electronic Notarization? 

Remote notarization and electronic notarization are commonly mistaken for one another, but they are not the same. Clients will still appear before the notary in electronic notarization, but documents are signed and notarized electronically.

Remote online notarization eliminates the need to meet with clients in person. Notaries meet with clients online through audio and video technology. 

The Top 5 Benefits of Being a Remote Online Notary 

Remote online notarization provides notaries with many benefits they may not otherwise experience in an in-person setting. Have you considered becoming an online notary? Here are the top five benefits of being a notary online. 

1. Work From Wherever, Whenever 

Time is money, so it only makes sense to save yourself and your client’s time by avoiding lengthy commutes. Plus, providing your services from home is convenient, provides a better work-life balance, reduces environmental impact caused by commutes, and increases productivity.

Additionally, working as a notary from home gives you greater flexibility over when and where you want to work and delivers a broader outreach to clients all over the state.  

2. Work Without Risking Your Health or the Health of Your Clients 

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how valuable working from home is to our health. While it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to see it, working from home means limiting exposure to illnesses, including the common cold and influenza.

Remote notarization provides you with many other health benefits, too. For starters, working from home generally promotes healthier eating and less money spent on takeout food. Additionally, a more manageable work-life balance helps you feel less stressed, which can improve your happiness and help you become more productive during your workday. These factors ultimately contribute to better mental health and overall wellness. 

3. Faster Notarization Processes 

How much time do you spend commuting to work, setting up appointments, and meeting with clients? One of the best benefits of being a notary online is the ability to save time and process paperwork faster. This benefits you and your clients, especially if having their documents notarized already feels like a hassle. 

With faster notarization processes, you can also improve your income since you’ll have time to take on more clients than you would with in-person appointments. 

4. Reduced Expenses 

Remote online notarization provides both notaries and clients with many ways to save money. For example, fewer commutes mean less gas, car maintenance, and public transportation expenses. In fact, Americans spend as much as $5,000 daily on commutes (gasoline, maintenance, public transportation, etc.).

Speaking of vehicles, did you know car insurance agencies typically provide lower insurance rates to policyholders who don’t drive as often? Once you start working from home, we recommend you inform your insurer of your change in driving habits to see if you qualify for any discounts.

Do you spend a lot of time eating out when working in an office setting? Eating out frequently for lunch can quickly add up, but by working as an online notary, you can save money by preparing meals at home. 

5. Make Your Office Work for You 

One great thing about being an online notary is being able to create your workspace how you see fit. As a remote notary, you can customize everything from the lighting to the furniture to make yourself more comfortable and efficient. Plus, you won’t be stuck with poorly maintained or uncomfortable office supplies and furnishings. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to be mindful of workspace ergonomics and choose a chair and desk that provides support and boosts efficiency. 

Let Us Help You on Your Path to Remote Online Notarization 

There are many benefits to being a notary online, including working when and where you want, protecting your health and the health of your clients, faster notarization processes, and reduced expenses.

The societal acceptance of online notaries has been widespread in the United States following the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s never been easier than now to get started. Fortunately, the Florida Notary Association is here to help you every step of the way.

Are you interested in the benefits of remote online notarization? You’ll need to complete the following steps to register:

  1. Review the current regulations and statutes related to notaries and remote online notaries.
  2. Complete an online educational course that covers your obligations, technological requirements, and duties.
  3. Obtain a $25,000 notary bond.
  4. Obtain an insurance policy with a minimum of $25,000 for notary errors and omissions.
  5. Select a RON service provider that is compliant with Florida law.
  6. Complete our registration form and have it notarized by a notary other than yourself.
  7. Submit your completed registration and a $10 payment to the Florida Department of State with educational course completion, proof of bond, proof of insurance, and your appointment to notary public documents.

The Florida Notary Association makes it simple to become an online notary as well as renew your notary status. Contact us today to get started.