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Notary Bond Signing

Florida Notary Bonds – What You Need to Know



If you’re considering a career that is not only flexible but lucrative, becoming a notary in Florida might be the right path. The Florida Notary Association provides essential support to prepare and protect Florida notaries. 

Acquiring a Florida notary bond is a crucial step in safeguarding the public’s and notaries’ interests. Securing this bond demonstrates your commitment to integrity and reliability in your official duties.

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Why Do You Need a Florida Notary Bond as a Notary?

Under Florida law, obtaining a Florida notary bond is mandatory for all aspiring and practicing notaries. This bond is set at $7,500, and you must maintain it throughout your four-year commission. Its primary role is to protect the public from potential financial losses from a notary’s misconduct. It’s important to understand that this bond doesn’t serve as insurance for the notary but acts as a safeguard for the public, ensuring that notaries perform their duties ethically and responsibly.

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Choosing the Right Florida Notary Bonding Companies

Selecting the appropriate provider for your Florida notary bond is critical, and the Florida Notary Association stands out for its comprehensive services and support. Our association helps you secure the required bonds. We also offer a range of supplies and notary education essential to your duties. Here’s a closer look at the different types of bonds we can help you with:

    • Municipal License & Permit Bonds: Needed if you require local government approval to carry out certain business activities or services
    • State License & Permit Bonds: These ensure you meet state requirements for operating specific types of businesses, such as construction or real estate, or conducting particular services
    • Probate Bonds: Used by individuals responsible for managing someone else’s estate or guardianship  
    • Fidelity Bonds: These bonds cover losses if an employee commits theft or fraud against the employer
    • Public Official Bonds: Required for public office holders to ensure integrity and ethical conduct in their official duties
    • Employee Dishonesty Bonds: Protects companies from financial loss due to fraudulent activities committed by employees
    • Janitorial Service Bonds: Offers protection to businesses from potential thefts by cleaning personnel
    • Contract Bonds – Bids/Performance/Payment: Necessary for contractors to ensure they fulfill their contractual obligations, including completing projects and making due payments
    • Miscellaneous Bonds


  • The bond cost typically includes the bond price and any additional fees the bonding company requires. Prices may vary, so contacting the Florida Notary Association is recommended for the most accurate quote.

  • To obtain a surety bond in Florida, contact reputable Florida notary bonding companies like the Florida Notary Association. We guide you through the application process, ensuring you meet all legal requirements. 

  • In Florida, notary agents can charge up to $10 per notarial act and fees for extra services such as providing witnesses or traveling. You may also charge up to $30 to perform a wedding ceremony. 

  • The bond amount for notaries in Florida is $7,500, which you must maintain throughout your commission. 

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Choose Florida Notary Association for Florida Notary Bonds

When it comes to securing a Florida notary bond, the Florida Notary Association is your trusted partner. We provide detailed guidance and support throughout the bonding process, ensuring you quickly meet all legal requirements. Our services are designed to equip you with everything you need to perform your notarial duties. Contact us today for more information and to answer any questions about the bonding process or our additional services.

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