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As a notary, you’ll assist customers by notarizing documents, many of which carry heavy implications or involve expensive transactions. Because of this essential service, every notary in Florida should have Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O).

Notary E&O insurance protects you in case any of your clients claim you performed inadequate services, were negligent, or made errors or omissions during a notarization. This insurance protects you and your company. Here, we’ll discuss why you need this notary insurance and where you can obtain it.

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Why Do You Need E&O Insurance as a Notary?

E&O notary insurance protects you. Clients often do not like the outcome after something is notarized and try to blame the notary. 


A client may try to sue you, claiming:

  • You intentionally or unintentionally broke the law during the notarization process.
  • You made an error or omitted important information.
  • They suffered significant financial losses because of an error in your actions.

Often, the claim is incorrect, and you’ve done nothing wrong. In rare cases, a client may accuse you of an action that an imposter took while impersonating you. No matter the situation, a lawsuit can be costly, even if the court proves you did nothing wrong. E&O insurance policies cover your court costs and attorney fees up to your policy’s coverage amount. 

Your E&O policy could save you thousands of dollars and ensure you’re not overwhelmed by the legal process.

What Coverage Can You Get as a Notary?

There are many options for choosing E&O insurance in Florida as a notary. 

Individual Coverage
Policy Limits Policy Term Term Premium
$10,000 4 Years $29
$25,000 4 Years $67
$30,000 4 Years $74
Company Coverage
Policy Limits Policy Term Term Premium
$10,000 1 Year $30 (Up to 3 Employees)*
$25,000 1 Year $45 (Up to 3 Employees)**

Company E&O Insurance protects the company and all employees who hold a notary commission.

More than 3 employees?

* Your premium will increase by $10 for each additional employee. For example, 5 employees = $50.

** Your premium will increase by $15 for each additional employee. For example, 7 employees = $105.

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Get Individual Coverage   Get Company Coverage  


  • A notary bond protects the customer, while E&O insurance protects the notary. E&O insurance will pay the notary’s settlement costs and legal fees in a lawsuit.

  • The cost of E&O insurance in Florida varies based on who provides the coverage. An insurance policy could be as little as $1,000 or as large as $100,000 per year.

  • No, Florida notaries aren’t required to have E&O insurance, but the state requires a surety bond of at least $7,500.

  • E&O Insurance covers legal and court fees, and attorney costs up to your coverage amount. After that, you’ll need to pay out of pocket.

  • E&O insurance is similar to all other types of insurance. In most circumstances, you must renew the insurance policy.

  • Without E&O insurance, you’ll be liable for the settlement cost and fees should anyone bring a lawsuit against you as a notary and you lose the case. This liability could overwhelm you with legal expenses and could even end in bankruptcy for you or your company.

  • While Florida law doesn’t require E&O insurance, all Florida notaries should get this insurance to protect themselves. If a client sues, you’ll only have to pay associated costs after you pass your coverage amount. The small cost of an insurance plan is worth it, as it can save you from losing thousands in a lawsuit.  

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