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Notary Supplies in Florida: Getting Started


Notaries are more necessary and common than many people realize. They are valuable witnesses when people sign essential documents, and their crucial role in protecting citizens from fraud requires standard tools to do the job smoothly. 

Here, we’ll explain what notary supplies in Florida you need, as well as, answer some frequently asked questions.

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What Supplies Do Notaries Need and What Are They Used For?

Becoming a notary requires specialized office supplies and valuable tools of the trade. Notary supplies from The Dotted Line Shop can prepare you for any situation while working as a notary in Florida.

Dotted Line Supplies

The Dotted Line shop notary supplies include the following:

  • Self-inking stamps: Don’t worry about carrying around an inkpad or cleaning off the stamp after using it, which can be both tedious and complicated. A self-inking stamp makes notarizing easier and cleaner.
  • Wall plaques: Your clients may feel more confident in your skills and experience as a notary if they see a plaque hanging in the office with your title as State Public Official.
  • Name tags and lapel pins: A name tag or pin can make you look more official and help clients quickly identify you when meeting them in a public setting for the first time.
  • Office tools: To organize paperwork, you’ll always need basic office supplies like binder clips, clipboards, letter openers, and staplers.
  • Business cards: As a notary, having professionally made business cards to give to prospective clients can boost your visibility.
  • Document envelopes: Keep notarized documents organized in a special envelope to protect them from folding and weather.
  • Bags and pouches: Maintain notary supplies in one place with a specialized pouch, tote, or bag.
  • Books for reference and record keeping: As a responsible notary, you’ll record the instances in which you’ve notarized a document in a special journal or record book. You’ll also use reference books and have them on hand in case an unexpected situation arise, and you need clarification on what to do.

What Makes Our Supplies Unique

Supplies purchased through The Dotted Line Shop elevate notary tools to a new level. Very few companies offer specialized and personalized notary products. The shop recognizes a need for high-quality and imaginative notary products that cater to the needs of all working notaries.

Notary public seal

What is Required to Be on a Notary Seal in Florida?

A Florida notary seal must display important information, including the following:

  • The words “Notary Public State of Florida”
  • The notary’s commission number 
  • Notary’s name
  • Expiration date

You must affix all notary seals in black ink, or the state will consider them invalid.

Required Notary Supplies

What Do I Need to Notarize a Document in Florida?

Document notarization is a vital and official responsibility. Notaries must perform the task correctly to ensure accuracy and authenticity. To notarize a document, you need information that includes:

  • The notary’s official seal
  • The date of the notarization
  • The location where the notarization took place
  • The name of the person signing
  • A note that the signer appeared in person before the notary
  • The signer’s identification type – as proof of identity
  • The type of notarization (an oath, acknowledgment, signature, etc.)
  • The notary’s signature and printed name
Signing Official Document

Do Notaries Need Blue or Black Ink in Florida?

While the state of Florida requires the notary stamp to be in black ink, there are no rules about the notary’s signature color. Some notaries use different signature colors to easily identify categories of notarizations in their records or to indicate whether a document is a copy or an original.

Keeping an online record

Are Florida Notaries Required to Keep a Log?

The state rules don’t require you to maintain a log of in-person notarizations. However, they do require notaries to keep an online record of their online notarizations.

Approved Notary Stamp

The Florida Notary Association Can Help You

Your job as a notary requires you to follow strict guidelines and maintain high-performance standards. Given the expectations of a notary in Florida, you deserve the best tools of the trade. Get the notary supplies needed in Florida to excel at your job.

Learn more about becoming a notary in Florida, and contact us today to learn how we can answer any other questions you might have.

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