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Notary+ Membership

$39 for 4 Years

For less than a $1 per month, we set you up for success.

Every notary professional should have these industry essentials in their “toolbox”:


  • Keep up to speed on “all things notary” with our E-Newsletter. Highlights include:

    • Legislative updates in the Florida Notary Law
    • Tips of the trade to make your job as a notary easier
    • Only Florida notary topics included – thus eliminating the hassle of sorting through other states’ info
  • You will enjoy significant savings on processing and supplies:

    • Save $10 on Amended Commission Request
    • Save $10 on Notary Renewal
    • Receive member discounts & pre-sale alerts on top quality notary supplies
  • A stamp can be expensive to replace, but not for our members! We will happily replace your notary stamp should it go missing during your term as a notary.

  • We provide you the “must haves” that all notaries need at their fingertips:

    • Acknowledgements & Oaths
    • Affidavit of Residency
    • Apostille Certification
    • Florida Declaration of Domicile
    • Wedding Guide
    • Notary Checklist
  • Don’t be confused or stressed over a notarization again… Our bi-lingual, knowledgeable staff stands ready to assist you with technical support you need as a notary.

  • Our manual is a comprehensive guide that answers the questions a notary faces on a daily basis.

    • Florida Statue Chapter 117
    • Notary Dos & Don’ts
    • Procedures for Notarization
    • Wedding Ceremony Sample
    • Definitions


Be a forward thinking notary professional…


Be a Notary Pro...

For a lot LESS than ONE latte from your favorite coffee shop!
Become a Member

FREE Notary Reference Manual



Ready – Set – SHOP!

Be prepared & order your supplies today.


  • Essential Stamps
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Notary Kits
  • Favorite Carriers
  • Better Together Bundles
  • Advertising Materials
  • Books for Reference & Record Keeping

New & Renewal Notary Package

$109* For 4 Years

Everything listed below is in our all inclusive notary package – which meets State requirements, with no hidden fees.


  • Official Self-Inking Stamp
  • Required $7,500 Notary Bond
  • Notary Commission Certificate
  • State Filing Fee
  • Link to Online Education Course (required for NEW notaries)


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*Fast, Flat Rate Shipping for Only $5!

Errors & Omissions Insurance (Recommended)

You Can Be Sued as a Notary…


Everyone Makes Mistakes –

Make sure yours are covered by E&O Insurance.

What happens if you don’t have E&O Insurance?

Without this optional insurance, you will be personally liable for any lawsuit brought against you as a notary.

Why do we strongly recommend E&O Insurance?

Because for a small premium, all damages and legal costs are covered up to the policy limit. *Exclusions may apply.

The $7,500 notary bond protects YOUR CUSTOMER.

Errors & Omissions Insurance protects YOU.

Individual Coverage
Policy LimitsPolicy TermTerm Premium
$10,0004 Years$29
$25,0004 Years$67
$30,0004 Years$74
Company Coverage
Policy LimitsPolicy TermTerm Premium
$10,0001 Year$30 (Up to 3 Employees)*
$25,0001 Year$45 (Up to 3 Employees)**

Company E&O Insurance protects the company and all employees who hold a notary commission.

More than 3 employees?

* Your premium will increase by $10 for each additional employee. For example, 5 employees = $50.

** Your premium will increase by $15 for each additional employee. For example, 7 employees = $105.

Confused? We are happy to help, please CONTACT US!


Get Individual Coverage   Get Company Coverage  

Florida Surety Bonds

In addition to notary bonding, we also offer the following:


  • Municipal License & Permit Bonds
  • State License & Permit Bonds
  • Probate Bonds
  • Fidelity Bonds
  • Public Official Bonds
  • Employee Dishonesty Bonds
  • Janitorial Service Bonds
  • Contract Bonds – Bid/Performance/Payment
  • Other Miscellaneous Bonds


Please CONTACT US for pricing.
Business consultant and customer on a meeting in the office, signing contract.

Name Change - $52


  • Complete Amended Commission Request Form within 60 days of name change.
  • Mail signed form, current commission certificate and payment of $52 to our office. If certificate is lost, send a signed letter stating so.
  • Receive new stamp and commission certificate in approximately 10 business days. Continue to perform notarial duties in your former name until the updated stamp is received.


Name Change Form

Need to Update your Address?

Change of Address Form

Certificate Replacement – $15

Submit $15 and a CERTIFICATE REPLACEMENT form to us.

Stamp Replacement

Need a replacement stamp? CONTACT US for assistance.