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“How Long is a Notary Stamp Good For?” & Questions Regarding Notary Stamp Expiration

As a new notary, you may have questions about the process and requirements, such as, “how long is a notary stamp good?” Keep in mind that your notary stamp contains information such as your commission number and expiration date. This expiration date is important because you cannot notarize anything until you renew it once it expires. 

Florida Notary Requirements  

How long a notary stamp is good for depends on the requirements of every state. In Florida, both the commission and stamp are good for four years. After that time, both will need to be renewed. However, Florida doesn’t have an automatic renewal period. What this means is that you will have to renew your commission and stamp on your own. You should plan the renewal process approximately four months before your current commission expires. 

To renew your commission, you must reapply through a notary bonding agency. You will need to purchase a new stamp with the new expiration date as well as another four-year $7,500 surety bond. The bond is required, as it protects the public should you make a mistake.

If you are a new notary or if you have not renewed your commission in the past 10 years, you will also have to take three hours of state-approved education. 

How to Get a New Notary Stamp 

Before your commission expires, make sure you are prepared with a new stamp. The Florida Notary Association sells notary stamps that contain all the required information and are approved for use on legal documents throughout the state.

Now that you know how long a notary stamp is good for, you can plan and make sure you renew on time without interruption. Contact the Florida Notary Association to keep your commission and stamp up to date.