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How to Use a Notary Stamp

Now that you’ve become a notary, you need to understand one of the most important parts of the process: how to use notary stamps. While you may know how to use a stamp, it’s important that you know the proper procedures for notarizing legal documents with your notary stamp.

What is a Notary Stamp?

All notaries are required to have a stamp to notarize documents. Notary stamps are inked rubber stamps that include information required by the state. Each state is different, but for Florida, the requirements include:

  • The text “Notary Public-State of Florida” 
  • Notary’s name
  • Commission number
  • Commission expiration date

The stamps can be rectangular or round in shape and must include black ink. They often come in different sizes. For electronic notarization acts, the notary’s electronic signature must include the same information listed above. 

How to Use a Notary Stamp

When using your notary stamp, be sure to place the document on a flat surface. Place the stamp flat, without angling. Hold the stamp with your fingers and thumb—not your palm. Then, quickly press and release.

If the image does not clearly show all letters and numbers, as well as the stamp border and seal, then the stamp may need to be cleaned. Cleaning your stamp is easy. Just place a piece of tape over the raised surface, then remove the tape to get rid of the debris.

If you are in need of a replacement stamp, you can easily order one online. Visit Florida Notary’s accessory shop, The Dotted Line, for all your notary essentials. 

When you are done using your stamp, be sure to keep it secure. Store it at room temperature, as heat can damage it. Keep it under lock and key so it cannot be misused by someone else. If your stamp is lost or stolen, inform the Department of State in writing. You should also contact a supplier, such as the Florida Notary Association, to get a new stamp.

Where to Place A Notary Seal on A Document

You may wonder where you imprint your notary seal on the document you are notarizing. Many legal documents have an area with the initials “L.S.” This stands for locus sigilli, which means “place of the seal” in Latin. Make every effort to affix your notary seal within the borders of the notarial certificate. Markings from the seal should not be on text or signatures on the document. It may be helpful to carry stamps of different sizes so you don’t have any issues with space.

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Whether you want to become a remote online notary or a traditional one, it’s important that you have the tools you need to succeed. Knowing how to use a notary stamp and seal is a good start. Florida Notary Association can help you with the rest of the process. Start your journey to becoming a notary today.