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What Am I Getting With My Florida Notary Package?

As a notary, your notary stamp is the tool you’ll use the most. However, there are additional tools that are helpful to have while performing notary duties. You’ll usually find these included in notary supply packages. 

However, as you’re looking at different packages, it’s important to choose one that not only adheres to Florida’s requirements, but includes everything you’ll need to complete your duties. You’ll also want to make sure that the package you’re looking at is fair in price. 

Before we discuss what a notary package should include and what you can expect to spend, let’s review what a notary package is. 

What Is a Notary Package?

A notary supplies package includes supplies that notaries use on a daily basis. They can usually be purchased online, but you’ll want to ensure that they include tools like:

  • Notary stamp: Check to ensure that the stamp meets Florida guidelines. The stamp or seal must be rectangular or circular in shape and include the words “Notary Public-State of Florida,” your name, the date of expiration, and the commission number. You’ll also want to ensure that the seal or stamp comes with black ink as required by the state.
  • Notary journal: While this isn’t required by the state, it’s a good idea to have a journal on hand to help you keep track of your notaries. This can be especially useful if anyone accuses you of falsifying documents or if you incorrectly complete a notary. It’s recommended to keep this journal in a secure location when not in use as it contains sensitive information. A locked desk drawer or briefcase is best.
  • Notary bond: Florida requires that all public notaries have a $7,500 notary bond. This is to protect the state from any financial loss that occurs from improper conduct by a notary. It’s also a reminder to you as a notary that you promise to fulfill your obligations correctly and responsibly. 
  • Notary commission certificate: This is a certificate that shows you have passed the course, paid the fees, and met all other state requirements to become a public notary. It’s essentially a diploma that shows you’re qualified to perform notary acts. 
  • Inkless thumb printer: Currently, Florida does not require a thumbprint on notarized documents; however, this is entirely up to the signer. They can request or refuse their thumbprint being recorded on a notarized document. It’s a good idea to have the option available just in case.
  • E&O Insurance: In addition to a notary supplies package, you’ll want to see if the company provides notary insurance (E&O insurance). If you’re a public notary, it’s highly recommended that you have insurance as it protects you from lawsuits should you make an unintentional error on a document. 

This insurance provides coverage for financial damages, unintentional law violations, lawsuit protection (even if you’ve done nothing wrong), or in the case that an imposter uses your commission information or forges your signature without your knowledge. These policies will also provide coverage for a defense attorney and legal fees up to the designated amount on your policy.

You’ll also want to ensure that the notary products you’re considering adhere to the state’s guidelines. Doing so can help you save a lot of time and money in the future. We recommend dealing with an organization that specializes in Florida notaries so that you know you’re getting what you need.

How Much Do Notary Supplies Packages Cost?

Notary products can cost as little as $20 for the basics. As you’re comparing different packages, pay attention to what’s included. For example, a package that costs only $25 may only include the notary stamp and the ink, meaning you’ll have to purchase a journal, insurance, and bond elsewhere—which can get expensive. 

Packages that are more expensive typically include all the supplies you’ll need and have additional resources you can purchase, such as notary education courses or E&O insurance. It’s recommended to look at a few different carriers to help you find a fair price. 

Contact the Florida Notary Association for an Affordable, High-Quality Notary Supplies Package

With so many companies providing notary products, it can be difficult knowing which one provides the best products at an affordable price. At the Florida Notary Association, high-quality, affordable products are just the beginning of what we offer. Each of our notary supply packages includes: 

  • An official, self-inking stamp
  • $7,500 notary bond
  • Notary commission certificate
  • Link to online notary education courses

All of our notary packages start at just $109 and are valid for four years. 

Additionally, we provide E&O coverage on both an individual and company level, ensuring you or your employees are covered from potential lawsuits. You can also purchase additional notary supplies like staplers, carriers, ink refills, privacy covers, document envelopes, nametags, and more from The Dotted Line

Contact us today to learn more about our packages and additional resources you can take advantage of.